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Konekt is a publicly listed Australian company and the largest private sector provider of organisational health and risk management solutions. They focus on on helping organisations minimise the impact of workplace injury and related workplace costs, resulting in reduced workers’ compensation premiums.

They needed a refresh and therefore a rethink of their client/case managment. After a 'Whiteboad Session' with their technology department and executives we decided to merge both the the Managment Tool and their Performance Tool. Giving them the opportunity to observe the company as a whole (reserved for the C-Suite) and then to drill down into specific regions, branches, consultants and at the end the specific case.

I had the chance to be part of the process from the begining to the delivery, we recieved very good feedback and will probably work with them again to refresh their portal.

Due to a NDA I can't show much of the project, all data has been anonymised.