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Full-Stack Designer

UI/UX Designer | Data Visualiser | Branding Identity Creator | Illustrator

Hello, my name is Mathieu Henrijean. I'm a Full-Stack Designer specialized in Content & Data Visualisation.

Originally from Brussels in Belgium, I studied Graphic & Web Design at the College of Art and Design (C.A.D) and obtained my Bachelor Degree (4years). After spending time and getting projects in my hometown, I travelled to Boston,MA and stayed there for 6 months. Always keen to discover and learn more, I moved in Melbourne where I am living at the moment. My working experience is pretty borad, I have worked in a couple of mid-sized agencies (such as but as Dasmuse, McCann Erikson, Octave&Octave Freelance as well. Interested by science and more complex visual problems, a specialisation naturally came out: Data Visualisation.

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I'm currently living in Melbourne, Australia

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